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is election eve, as such goes, tomorrow's elections are being styled as a referendum on obamacare. and administration that has been dishonest with americans, the biggest problem for the president, is that millions of americans are learning first hand. dimensions of that dishonesty, i am lou dobbs. >> good evening we're just hours away tonight from polls opening across the country. residents of some of the nation's big of cities are set to choose their next may irs, es or -- mayors and gubernatorial's elections in a few states. bill deblasio could be first registered democrat to be elected new york city mayor in two decades, union cash, floods boston mayor race as pro labor martin walsh trying to fend off john conley, a diagramcrat pushe -- democrat pushed by republicans for his small government views, mayoral race coming down to the wire in detroit. chris christie looking to cruise to reelect in new jersey. in virginia. republican candidates, cuch nelly closing the gap on his democratic opponent, and terry mcauliffe. with a number of other polls tightening, quoting the race, withi
you next week. >>> i'm chris wallace. the troubled launch of the obamacare website front and center on capitol hill. >> this is more than a website problem. >> designers of the site grilled byÑi lawmakers on what went wrong. >> i logged on to set up an account. i was able to do so. i never received a confirmation e-mail. it didn't work. >> kathleen sebelius under fire. >> the majority of people calling for me to resign i would say are people i don't work for. >>> we'll discuss the obamacare rollout and -- with louisiana governor bobby jindal. >>> a growing number of democrats are demanding changes in the individual mandate. >> this should be a transition year for one year. there should be no fine. >> i think the president should man up and let us know who is responsible, who is in charge and fire him. >>> we will talk with javier bacerra and marcia blackburn. >>> is theñr u.s.çóñrÑiÑiçóñrea >>> ourñr2pmwerçóÑi pfa0áhjt thr week. qôt,àei leading voiceÑiñrñrñrñr of amerj t-%>xdÑi deepçóÑi downçó i belie everything isñrÑi opposed to getting republicans ri
of these negative headlines, chaos to the obamacare rollout. the government shutdown, the debt crisis and yet, the dow is currently just shy of 15,700. all right, back to the hearing. >> here are some quotes from some of their recent letters. the situation we're in we would have to pay $170,000 in penalties under obamacare and the government picking the winners and losers, there's no wake be competitive if i have to raise my prices to cover $170,000. here are my options, do not pay the penalty. raise my prices go out of business. 8 a people lose their jobs. layoff 35 employees who don't have to pay the penalty and move more production to this country. reduce 35 jobs and here is a quote from the other, since their high labor low margin business cannot afford insurance, we're faced with closing our business perhaps through bankruptcy so there are heavy financial obligations that contain-- >> i want to go back to the stock market for a second. we're well above 15-7 for a moment there. we're in record territory. ed, real fast, this is about the federal reserve printing a ton of money in a weak ec
insurance under obamacare. -- despitebama's president obama's assurance, people would need to shop for new coverage. that is the latest caveat. with more than 2 million people receiving cancellation notices ors, their insuranc white house hedged on that promise. they said that the vast majority of people could keep their plans under obamacare. the president says that the only people forced to shop for new plans are the roughly five percent of americans who do not get coverage through their employer. derek on our independent line, what is the big story in your view? caller: i was thinking about touching on nsa. speak onring obama health care, i think i would rather talk about that. this health-care debacle is just a mess. ok? president obama lied to us. he lied to us. cameraed us all in the consistently over and over again. he told us that we would not be affected. we would be able to keep our doctors. he told us consistently. it is not true. we all know that politicians lie. obama is not any different. he lied to us. this is once again government growing and getting bigger and bigger. beca
. i do want to point out a couple things. first of all, this notion that obamacare is the law. it's true it is the law. it was passed by congress in the years before i got here. this is called the calendar of business. this is the executive calendar. basically every single bill that's in here is an effort to change existing law for the most part. that's what we do around here. that's what the legislative process is about. virtually every bill that is filed is either an effort to create a new law, but usually it is an effort to change existing law. if we begin to argue around here that once something is existing law it can never be changed, we might as well close up shop because that's what we do. that's what the legislative process is about. the second point that was made is that this law will prevent people from having health insurance. that is not true. let me say this. number one, i am in favor of people having health insurance, and i do think that we cannot ignore the health insurance problem that this country faces. number two, admittedly, i am in favor of repealing obamacare
industry -- they know exactly what is going on and they never got fired. is ahole obamacare smokescreen. this guy got elected and he got elected to change trade policy, to change the insane tax policy, to change the policy dealing with antitrust. for the past five years, what you people have been able to do whichus on this obamacare has very little to do with the ,verall economy versus the wars the insane trade policies or insane tax policies. all of this is a smokescreen. it is almost like weapons of mass destruction. if you're going to say here and the 15,000 when you have 20,000 on unemployment. 100 million people are living in poverty -- this is all this is. this is just politics to of peoples issue being critical of the president? we are at the point of this country where the whole thing is completely collapsed. after they at obama, had three years of borscht, the system needed the opposite. you people in the media created barack obama. and said of him coming in addressing the policies -- instead of him coming in addressing the policies, now you can talk about obamacare. i grew up
. few are signing up on the obamacare exchanges. how few, we don't know, because the numbers are so embarrassing the administration refuses to report them. there are published reports that some 80% of the signups are pushed into the medicaid system which is itself nearing functional collapse as doctors simply opt out. those that are able to keep their health plans are seeing their premiums skyrocket to unaffordable extremes. those who find affordable policies, often discover they are losing their trrs. many employers are dropping their -- their doctors. many employers are dropping their policies, laying off workers trying to cope with increased costs. a constituent of mine reports her employer cut her salary 23% as he tries to cope with obamacare costs. the obamacare website is a monument to governmental incompetence. this is a website designed to sell a single product that's been under development for more than three years at a taxpayer cost of more than $600 million, more than was spent to develop facebook or twitter, and it does not work. but that's not the big problem. . that's
services, kathleen sebelius, to resign her position because ofo the disastrous rollout ofhe obamacare. taxpayers have spent 400 millioo to create exchanges that after three and one-half years stillad don't work. as a result, the white house had to announce last night that theo key enforcement mechanism to their individual mandate, a $95 fine that increases every year, will be waived until the end of march of next year. that's fine for those currently without insurance, but for the millions being forced into the exchanges and losing their current insurance, there's no relief, just higher prices. a likely lapse in insurance coverage, a broken web site and broken promises.romi we already know of 1.5 million americans who are losing their policies because starting january 1 many insurance policies that they now have will not be legal under obamacare ana because the exchange will not be working, they won't be able to choose another policy. this chart gives an example of what's going on. just in three states -- california, florida and new jersey -- there are 1.4 million insurance policies t
: the gentleman is recognized. mr. lankford: mr. speaker, the obamacare website has been a nuisance. people spend hours of wasted time trying to get on it and try to get information. but this has moved far beyond a nuisance. now people are discovering the real cost increases that are happening and over a million people have received a cancellation notice for their insurance. let me give you a couple of those from my district they feel evans law firm has 17 people involved in their small law firm. that firm received a cancellation notice not because their insurance was not up to the standards that the president has set but because it grouped together with other policies and that's no longer going to be available to them so they have to go out on the market. the cheapest they have found so far is a 25% increase to them. another business own notified they'll pay a 13.5% increase next year because their insurance doesn't have pediatric care in it. none of the employees have children, so of course they coverage. pediatric this would be like going to sleep with your car in the driveway and weaking up t
you guys are. i was watching "charlie rose" on cbs, and they were talking about obamacare and sebelius being questioned. they never mentioned if she would ask if she would enroll in obamacare, but you did this morning and you mentioned that, and i just want to congratulate you for being fair. thepe the realize -- i hope viewers realize how biased they are. my policy was quincy -- was canceled. when people call in, when you asked them, if they had their policy canceled and they are unhappy, ask them if they voted for obama. host: bob, did you vote for obama? caller: yeah, i did, like an idiot. anyway, my policy was canceled, and i'll use that you were supposed to be offered another policy. they never offered me anything. they just said it would be canceled december 31 and we strongly suggest you look into the exchange. i said, why is my policy being canceled? they said it is in very are in does not match the qualifications of obamacare. i said such as what. it is not have mature -- prenatal care or maternity care on there, it is not have drug rehab canceling for drug abuse. that is what
the obamacare train wreck. americans remember a, quote, soothing assurance from president obama in 2009 when he was hawking his affordable care act to the masses. if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. now tell that to the hundreds of thousands of americans who already have received letters from health plans essentially telling them you are on your own, end of quote. as the failed rollout of obamacare continues, american families are beginning to see its disastrous impacts, and this is just the beginning. in the coming weeks more reports will reveal their president's signature health care law will increase premium rates, force employers to cut back on workers' hours, destroying jobs, and terminate existing policies for needy families. congress must address this issue. the house has acted. the senate must do the same to protect every american family from an unsustainable disaster. in conclusion, god bless our troops and we'll never forget september 11 and the global war on terrorism. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. for what purpose does
. laptop andll out a ask her to enroll in obamacare to see what kind of errors she runs across. it is a little immature to start calling for delaying things. it is late october. the administration clearly screwed up. the website is a mess. people are enrolling but there are so many problems with it. the federal government has to try to work harder in those states. tohink it is a little early declare a major catastrophe. the administration has until mid-november to get this fixed on the website. host: that is three or four weeks. guest: they made some real mistakes. the website is a mess. they have time to fix it so in january they can get people actively enrolled. some are calling for sebelius to resign. "it is a disaster." these are the kinds of things republicans are declaring and putting out in all different forms of messaging. i think it is a little early to declare this a huge disaster. give it a few weeks. the white house is pointing out, everybody can still enroll. we have other options. you can enroll in person or by mail or call in. give it a few weeks. website,rt from
's not applicable. perhaps we can talk about obamacare. always happy to have that discussion, once again. but again, this is a bipartisan bill. all we're trying to do is ensure if 80 years of settled law that has helped working families is about to be upset, then we better have proof it's going to help the people that it claims to help. the amendment from the gentleman from california would totally, totally eviscerate that. and so i urge opposition. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: all time for debate has expired. pursuant to the rule, the previous question is ordered on the bill, as amended, and on the amendment offered by the gentleman from california, mr. miller. pursuant to clause 1-c of rule 9, further consideration of h.r. 2374 is postponed. pursuant to clause 12-a of rule 1, the chair declares the house n recess for a period less than 15 minutes. what it does is to go on the record and show they disapprove the increase in the debt ceiling which they were unable to win a -- the showdown with president obama over in terms of extracting additional spending cuts, you
the super high deductibles they've gotten, they're scared that under obamacare they have been sentenced to go from full-time work to part-time work, which means, as i've heard from some, that, gee, that means we've now had to go on public assistance because -- i never wanted welfare, didn't need welfare, until the so-called affordable care act forced us into it. so people are concerned all over america. the majority want obamacare gone. the website's not working. and then we find out that actually the website seems to be as concerned about getting people registered to vote and getting their invaluable voter nformation as they are about dealing with the crisis in american lives involving their health care and their health insurance. you got people with an alterior motive that are apparently not just signing up people from the goodness of their hearts, because demos makes clear in their own information, we're going to use this health benefit exchanges to register voters. well, now, who would they be registering to vote? because we're all in favor of people eligible to the unfinished busin
are supposed to be representing us shut down the government over obamacare, the stock market went down. resumed, iternment went up the same day. since these representatives get a heads up on the market movements, how many of them made money, who were they, and how much? host: andy kroll. guest: that is a good question. that gives back to what the previous color said about the stock act. there is absolutely the for them to act on information they have acquired about the stock market and the way the government moves markets in ways the average public can't. the way that members of congress financialheir holdings, we do not know who profited off the market dipped and its increase when government got back in working business again, but it will be interesting when those disclosures come out to see if that. made a few bucks on this is what the stock act was intended to fix. it sort of took a small bite at the issue. but the folks behind the stock act say it has not gone far enough yet and they continue to tighten up those reforms so we do not have people profiting off that information. --t: joseph on
could ever have done. this is the 900-page document we call obamacare. my staff has read the entire thing. can congress say the same? >>> today's data dive gets ghoulish in honor of halloween. 37% of americans believe in ghosts and more than quart of those polled say they have seen one. the survey shows the supernatural beliefs extend to real estate. 52% of us believe a house could be haunted. the believers were split over they would want to sleep in a haunted house. one and four people would buy one. answers range from a cemetery on the property to a house that was over 100 years old, and one that might have an inexplainably low price. levitating objects would be the top no-no. but ghost sightings, flickering lights and strange noises also made the list. 37% say they were just fine with ghost sightings. you have to wonder how tough house hunting is if that doesn't matter to you. in a recent gallop survey found that 70% of americans believed in satan. two thirds of those polled different think they would survive a year if there was a zombie apock lips. vampires were voted the second
some say obamacare may change that. >> al jazeera looks at growing old around the world. we look at the country named the worst country for seniors - as part of a 3-part serie >> >> america's infant mortalitiy rate is one of the worst in the developed world. america is 4th in the global ranking of infant mortalitiy. 25,000 infants don't survive the first year because of premature births or complications. mortalitiy has dropped but some states are struggling to keep babies alive. alaba alabama's rate is 25% higher than other states. the affordable care act could change that preventing premature deaths. >> bailey davis has been lying in the incubator fighting for her life. she was born four months early and weighs less than 2 pounds. >> every time we leave the hospital we think, "maybe she won't be here when we come back in the morning", she's little >> bailey is 19-year-old ariel's first trial. the week ahead are crucial. bailey's chances are better. her care is paid for by her grandfather's health insurance. in alabama 519 babies die before their first birthday last year. state h
tried to sign up for obamacare, can't tell us how many americans did sign up for obamacare, they can't tell us what level of insurance they bought, nor can they tell us in what zip code they live. they've told us that 20 million americans have visited the obamacare web site. they've got the basic information to shop but how many have tried to sign up? how many did sign up? where do they live? what kind of insurance did they buy? not only have they not told us, madam president, they've done their best to keep us from finding out. with wicki leaks and aircraft snow den -- snowden spilling our beans every day, it's the biggest secret left in washington, d.c. the national security administration could learn some lessons from secretary sebelius. see wee shouldn't have to rely on anonymous sources to get basic information about what's happening with obamacare. therefore i'm introducing legislation today to require the administration to answer the following questions every week, how many people tried to sign up, how many people did sign up, what level of insurance did they buy, in what zip
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